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10/28 What we do in this present moment has the ability to influence the future



10/26 Confusion will occur time and time again…

10/25 Focus on the present moment



And Kathy’s version of that…

10/24 Sometimes all you can do is be strong, compassionate and patient

10/24 It’s good that you are able to see your reactions

10/22: Strength and gentle guidance needed to make some ideas grow and others to come to fullfillment


  From Kathy…thank you to all of you who are so encouraging with your comments and ideas….you have really helped me develop more confidence in helping these ideas to grow…thank you…. 

And so, I pass along ideas in this site… to all of you…with the intention that we all  encourage our own ideas to  be nourished and grow and come to fulfillment….you all have such remarkably positive blogs of your own..thank you…kathy 

10/17 Loving kindness wishes…

This was added by Kathy, sending  out wishes to Australia, and everywhere else,  for loving kindness, health and happiness…

And another version with loving kindness wishes for all….

10/14 To develop a sense of appreciation of this wonderful life we have


10/13 Reminding you to let go of expectations

10/12 Thankful for the kindness of others….

Added by Kathy: The quotes are  from 2 separate  Daily DalaiLama online apps….
both appeared on my home page today.

10/11 Staying out of another’s negative emotions

This was some advice that I received  a few years ago.  I organized the ideas into this format, to help myself work my way through the progression of reasoning.

10/9 Help me accept humans for what they are…

Here is a cut and paste from a post by Nancy Hatch at  Spirit Lights the Way... it is so perfect!!!…she references facebook source for the poster. Ven. Jampa has a wonderful sense of humor ….his laughter and joy are so contagious…and he has a deep love for all animals, including cats…so I’m sure he’d enjoy this too. This blog is full of advice that encourages this idea!

10/7 Comfort: Something that can be found within

The following created and added by Kathy…

10/4 It’s better to wait until the reaction has lessened