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11/22 Passing along the Liebster Award

Thank you so much to  Ben Naga at The Book of Guff    for his  nomination of Reflections from a Friend  for the Liebster Award.   Ben has a very special blog, with wonderful and insightful poetry and ideas.

Quoting from Marie, at Love is the Answer and Tales of the Heart:

“This Award is given to bloggers who have fewer  than 200 followers, all in the spirit of fostering new connections.  Leibster is German and  means ‘dearest’ or ‘beloved’ but it can also mean ‘favorite’ ”

I follow so many wonderful blogs….but can choose only 5 blogs, from this blog,  to pass the award along to, so here are 5 out of my many, many, many “favorites”   (I’m not sure how many followers each one has…some may have more than 200 ???  And I see that several blogs I follow have already gotten this award in the past few days, too, so I won’t include those. Pocket Perspectives, one of my other blogs, was also offered this award in the past few days, so I’m spreading the honors around to 5 different blogs over there.)

Tari Brand at  Celebration of Now, a blog that continues to amaze me with the helpful, informative and insightful posts

Robin  at Life in the Bogs, a perfect site to go to each day for a soothing and calming  photo walk in the woods..nature, beauty and wonderful wisdom, too…

Roberta, from In Other Words and Pictures, another wonderful photo site for viewing nature, beauty and a sense of peace and calm

Tristan at Peeling Back the Layers, a blog with such honest and wonderful perspectives and ideas.

Art at Zendictive, who was also nominated from Pocket Perspectives…he is so positive and supportive with wonderful, insightful zen wisdom stories.

Pat Cegan from Source for Inspiration, a blog full of  loving and powerful poetry and insights

Those who are  nominated are encouraged to write a post and  pass along this award to 5 other blogs that they read and value… and to go to each blog to let those bloggers know that they received the award.  Thank  you to all of you for making such a special contribution to the blogging world….thank you from Kathy   (I told Jampa about this award, but he doesn’t have internet access for opening the blog, at this point.)  Some of you may not be familiar with this blog, but have visited my other blog, Pocket Perspectives….your blogs seemed to fit in so nicely with the kindness, calmness and  encouragement in Reflections)

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