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12/31 “Wishing you all a productive and rewarding upcoming year…….”


12/31 With warmth, love and appreciation


One of my very favorite cards….as we enter into a new year…a wonderful, kind, supportive and loving reminder…an inspirational thought…



12/30 A candle lighter thank you….


The Candle Lighter Thank You… acknowledgement to those who offer hope, resilience, strength to others in need…..

btw…the “rules” of this  are…no rules…no strings attached….anyone can offer this candle to anyone else…no string attached….no requirements….anyone who feels they are offering light to others can also accept the candle and add it to their own blog… I was offered the candle by Connie, from  A Hope for Today.

A quote from Kate, from Believe Anyway, the person who created this “award”…..( link to Kate’s blog Believe Anyway,  with explanation of the acknowledgement: Believe Anyway  )

“Why am I doing this? I think people that are going through the efforts to be positive and make the world better through their efforts and blogs deserve to be recognized. I am always looking for encouragement and ‘light’. I want my faith, my optimism, and my love for life to help to set the world ablaze. Hence: The Candle Lighter Award.”

And more by Kate: 

“That being said, let’s light up the world with Candle Lighters. The world needs joy and lots of it. Let’s leave no one out who is adding to the world’s joy. I love church services that begin with the church all dark. Everyone is holding an unlit candle. Gradually the candles all get lit by one candle lighting another, and so on. That is so moving, and it was the image I have in mind of the Candle Lighter Award spreading around the world. So put the Candle Lighter Award Candle photo on your blog….”


12/28 Reflecting at the end of the day….

Here is an idea from Art at zendictive…. from the comments section of the previous post….I was going to add it to the previous post, but the revising tool won’t seem to allow that…and I think the ideas are so good that a separate post is good anyway…. (link to “three minutes of zen” ….and here is a link to Art’s home page site: zendictive )

And a varied presentation of the ideas….



thank you Art….. for this idea….  kathy

And here is some art work by Tim Coffey, from Caffeine for the Creative Soul….he liked Art’s shower idea and drew one of his’s wonderful!…“shower meditation”

And then, another in color…they’re both wonderful…thanks Tim, for giving the okay to add them here…I’ll add a link in a bit….

12/27 Remembering the positives at the end of each day….


12/25 To look at this life with all it’s opportunities

12/24 May our cups runneth over…

Explanation about  creation of potato figures: Pocket Perspectives post

12/22 May you be healthy and safe ….




by Kathy… is a wish for all of you who read this blog….

12/22 As preference and expectation are lessened, less patience is needed





12/21 Try to see clearly the nature of things….

12/18 The best way we can help others….

12/17 Use time productively….but also rest and relax






12/16 Change is certain….appreciate and share what we have now






12/15 Patience is needed….








12/13 Yes, flow is it…being in the moment




By Kathy….a short, 3 minute “slideshow/video” showing a  transition from expectation/disappointment/ frustration/bewilderment to acceptance and “flow”…

12/10 Those that upset us….

12/8 Practicing in life….

12/7 It’s pointless to worry

12/5 This is something I’ve learned…

This is posted by Kathy…..this is something I’ve learned….I am very thankful….

short, 50 second “video”…it has music,  please just click mute, if you prefer quiet


The ideas in this “video”  and page are taken from a newsletter by Rick Hansen, author of  the two wonderful books, Buddha’s Brain and Just One Thing. These specific ideas were in his weekly newsletter, Just One Thing. Rick also has a huge, wonderful website, Wisebrain.





12/5 One’s experience of it is enough….




12/3 To be present with whatever we are engaging in









12/2 The three steps of arise, abide and dissolve are all equally important

12/1 Emotions arise, abide and dissolve