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1/30 Be mindful and reflect on these ideas





I posted this quote on Pocket Perspectives today, too….I think that it’s such a special thought…with such strongly positive motivation and intention….developing the willingness to take more chances…to explore, dream and discover…to be willing to let go of some of the old ways…to try out new ways….to become more flexible, more open and more ready and willing to try new perspectives and ideas….to explore, dream and discover….and that’s what every single post in  both blogs is about….Pocket Perspectives and Reflections from a Friend…to be willing to explore, to dream and to discover….may we all be open to doing so….

1/25 Reflect at the end of the day….and let go of it

1/24 A nice lesson about perseverence and not giving up…



Nali, Kathy’s family’s beloved golden retriever, may have lots of fears and challenges…but she also has her own “fan club”…the kids in Kathy’s classroom. Nali has her very own “cards”…which the kids collect enthusiastically….

awww…..sweet Denali….

1/23 To be kind and gentle with ourselves when we do make mistakes


1/20 The time to be happy is now…if not now, then when?



Similar post today on Pocket Perspectives….containing more ideas….“The time to be happy is now….”


1/14 Rejoice in what we were able to complete or achieve

These ideas were written in the comments section of the January 2 post: “Set a positive intention…”

1/11 To be flexible and come back to the now….


1/9 The best way we can help others….


1/8 It’s how we react that is important

1/6 Suncatchers

This is posted by Kathy….. I have lots of extra suncatchers, if anyone might like to have one/some.  Some of these “images” have associated posts on this site. Others are from, or explained, on the other site. They are all tied in  with developing a kinder, more accepting and compassionate view of oneself, others and life.  Link to Pocket Perspectives for info: Pocket Perspectives

1/5 Flying on the Wings of Wisdom and Compassion

A bird needs two wings to fly.

Like the bird, we also benefit from using two wings…

the wings of “wisdom” and “compassion.”


One wing can be represented by “wisdom”… the perspectives and deep insights  about the nature of  life, the universe,  people and their interactions.

The other wing can be represented by “compassion”…  a sense of love, kindness, acceptance and the  heartfelt wish for others to be free from unhappiness or suffering.


The importance of developing both  “wisdom and compassion” is found in many philosophies and traditions including Buddhism.


Wisdom, without compassion, might be aloof or dispassionate.

Compassion, without wisdom, might be overwhelming.

Together they enhance and balance each other. 

Wisdom and Compassion


And so….

may we all develop the ability

to fly on our own two wings

of wisdom and compassion


This post was added by Kathy…

1/3 First gaining a sense of peace and gratitude for what you have


1/2 Set a positive intention to make this life as meaningful and rewarding as possible



Link to today’s Pocket Perspectives post about The 6 Perfections:  Living with generosity, ethics, patience, persistent effort, concentration and wisdom