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10/11/12 Henry David, the goose…helping each other with compassionate hearts



….added by Kathy…

Link to more  details of Henry David’s story
(Henry David…an injured Canadian Goose who arrived a few days ago )
on Pocket Perspectives:  Henry David is thankful…for the compassionate hearts of others

Perhaps we all know how difficult it can be,
to feel injured, hurting or vulnerable…
to have received kindness,  care and  compassion from others…
And then, once we’re back up again…
to pass that kindness, care and compassion along,
with compassion  from our own hearts

I am so thankful for compassionate hearts





Email update received from  Lindsay Wildlife Museum, Wildlife Rehabilitation Hospital , “Connecting people with wildlife to inspire responsibility and respect for the world we share”
“The goose is still with us. It is emaciated but we found no obvious injuries yesterday. We will do x-rays and more lab work today to try to identify what’s going on. That it was so calm yesterday is an indication of how bad its condition is–geese are normally pretty spirited. Its accession number is 5096, in case you want to call to check on it. We ask you to wait a few days because sometimes we just don’t know the prognosis until things have stabilized.


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  1. That’s so beautiful Kathy, and so true.

    October 11, 2012 at 4:13 pm

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