Sharing encouraging ideas….

One mother’s child is every mother’s child….

one mother's happiness is every mother's happiness


One mother’s child is every mother’s child
One father’s child is every father’s child
One family’s child is every family’s child
Every one of us is in the role of mother, father and family…
We all “mother” and “father” and “family” each other…
May we love, nurture, encourage and protect every mother’s child.
Did you ever think about this?…every person on earth is one mother’s child

one mother's happiness love nurture encourage and protect



Please see today’s Pocket Perspectives¬† post for more images and ideas tying in with these pages:
“One mother’s child is every mother’s child….to love, nurture, encourage and protect”
(if I add more images to Reflections, people with limited internet connections (Jampa) won’t ever be able to access this site….takes too much data with the images)
These pages were inspired by the quote on a Reflections post from several days ago, from HHDalaiLama: “We must recognize that the suffering of one person or one nation is the suffering of humanity. That the happiness of one person or nation is the happiness of humanity.”



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