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12/23/12 “A wish for happiness, kindness and peace to abide within your heart…” Ven. Jampa Choepal


reflections happiness kindness and peace





Many people have been arriving at “Reflections from a Friend” in the past few days, through several kindness quotes from The DalaiLama . For those not familiar with this site, many of the posts within the site are bits of wisdom, insight and advice received from Ven. Jampa Choepal, a Buddhist monk who took his monk’s vows from The DalaiLama and considers The DalaiLama to be a true inspiration and one of his main teachers. 

Ven. Jampa lives at a small monastery in Australia. Ven. Jampa has been a kind, encouraging and nurturing friend to Kathy
(PocketPerspectives) for the past 4 years.

Because it seems kind to do so, Kathy shares ideas from Jampa with others, through this blog.   Jampa is supportive of this advice being shared with others….which of course makes sense since he is a very kind, generous and encouraging person. (He’s also funny, enthusiastic and dynamic…quite a combination)

Link to  easy viewing of  many of the “Reflections from a Friend”  images and posts:  Google Image Archive for Reflections from a Friend

A wish from Kathy: May we all develop and carry happiness, kindness and peace in each of our own hearts and share those freely and generously with others in our lives.


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