Sharing encouraging ideas….

1/21/13 “Why worry?” ….advice from Shantideva, 8th Century


Shantideva why worry

ideas from Kathy
(Jampa is in retreat for several more weeks)

So during those “in between” times….
to recognize and remember this  wisdom,
originally from Shantideva, in the 8th century,
rephrased by Jampa
“If we have a problem and can’t fix it, then worry solves nothing.
If we have a problem that can be fixed, why worry?”
And if we are in a period of time when we don’t know or are uncertain,
that in between period,
to develop and use patience
and not create hypothetical scenarios or worries
to rest calmly and steadily
during those periods of uncertainty

(now THAT  is ambitious, at least for some of us!
positive and helpful,
but ambitious!)


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