Sharing encouraging ideas….

“We do not believe in ourselves until…” ….. recognizing “basic goodness” in ourselves and others

Ideas from Kathy

More evolving ideas about ideas in yesterday’s post… getting past “wanting approval  from others”
Ongoing reflecting, pondering and figuring  from Kathy

A quote from eecummings…. with a slight revision by Kathy in the second section….
learning to become one’s own source of realizing value…
it’s truly a blessing to receive this from others,
but then learning to realize that oneself,
recognizing and appreciating one’s own basic goodness,
and the basic goodness in each and every one of us


ee cummings we do not believe in ourselves until


a few ideas that Kathy is trying to use and “live with”…


ideas for getting past seeking approval from others


I heard a simple and lovely song yesterday….a song that ties in with this idea…
learning to recognize, acknowledge and appreciate one’s own basic goodness,
nurturing that appreciation with kindness and care

The lyrics of the song…

“It’s a joy to get to know you…”
that “you” can be others,
but “you”  can also be “oneself”
getting to “know” oneself,
recognizing and valuing one’s own basic goodness….
and appreciating the basic goodness of others as well

getting past seeking approval it's a joy to get to know you


A youtube video of this very simple song…”it’s a joy to get to know you”
pretty melody, loving lyrics, whimsical art…

There are more than 7 billion wonderful “you’s”  in this world,
including each and every one of us…
(and trillions including all living beings )
May we each develop the awareness of this basic goodness,
to get to know it,
to recognize and appreciate this precious goodness in ourselves and others



“it’s a joy to get to know you….”

2 responses

  1. “it’s a joy to get to know you and to share in your world” expresses so sweetly exactly how I feel about you, dear one.

    February 1, 2013 at 5:08 pm

  2. thank you so much, Joss…as it is to get to know you, too….isn’t the world soooooooooooo full of so much beauty?!? And soooooooooo much to learn. : ) And aren’t we just learning so much!

    February 1, 2013 at 5:29 pm

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