Sharing encouraging ideas….

Watching the mind “minding”…..perhaps, no need to “mind” what it’s “minding”….

I had given 3 very  pretty photo cards to a friend, but then the friend mentioned that he hoped I didn’t mind, but the cards were so special that he had given two of the cards away to other friends.

I thought in my mind….”what????….you gave them away???….well, yes I do mind”…and my awareness of my thoughts set off a progression of very helpful awarenesses about how my mind can be so busy “minding” so many things…being bothered, having opinions, over thinking, going into habitual thought patterns…too much minding.

So, it occurred to me that I could simply not “mind” what the mind was “minding.”…it’s simply doing what it does…a bit of play with words, but an important awareness.  And so I made a “re-minder” page about that  for myself…


I don't need to "mind" wha the mind is "minding"



the mind wants things to be a certain way....



Perhaps, a lot of the time….
that is all there “is”….
simply  the mind being very busy  “minding”….
the thoughts seeming solid and significant,
but perhaps more similar to a dreamy, blurry illusion…
so….often no need to mind what the mind is minding,
it’s simply “minding”


Is that all there is? simply the mind "minding"


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