Sharing encouraging ideas….

Friday Wishes… be still and know you are loved, valued, appreciated, resourceful and strong



know that you are loved valued appreciated resourceful strong Friday Wishes



A “Friday Wish” for all of us…
the wish for us to take in and to realize
that each of us is
loved, valued, appreciated, resourceful and strong…


That our positive and loving thoughts, words and actions
are contributing to the happiness and well being of others,
To persist in living with that goodness…
to realize the loving, positive contribution each of us is making,
each day of our lives

~ Friday Wishes ~
for each of  us to realize and take in these ideas


thank you to those who have offered so much


A photo of a newly created and constructed  “windspinner mobile”…
…hanging outside our window…
blowing gently and gracefully in the breezes


know that you are loved valued appreciated resourceful and strong... windspinner mobile blowing  gracefully



spanish estar quietos y saber que eres amado valorado apreciado


2 responses

  1. As I read this post a thought occurred to me, that many of us know we are loved and appreciated but yet we don’t value or love ourselves fully and think we are making a real difference in this world. I am understanding more and more why teachers teach of the importance to be compassionate and loving to ourselves.

    September 14, 2013 at 3:41 pm

  2. Yes….I’ve been getting this encouragement for quite awhile and it’s starting to go in…slowly opening to recognizing it…slowly, slowly…
    I’ve noticed lots more being spoken about and written about the importance of having a core of self compassion and valuing what we “do” in our lives…isn’t it odd that it’s such a shift to take in that goodness?

    I went to a wonderfully encouraging day long class with Rick Hanson this past Sunday…. there were several wonderful guided meditations to develop compassion toward oneself and then out to others… the slide sets have some of his activities…for “taking in the good”… like in the meditations and in the charts I made.
    Link to all slide sets from Rick Hanson’s classes…

    September 14, 2013 at 6:41 pm

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