Sharing encouraging ideas….

About: Kathy

By Kathy:  The advice and ideas in this blog  include perspectives on ways to look at various reactions and situations, and how to shift one’s perspectives or perceptions.   I have taken some of the ideas…many of the which are from  Venerable Jampa, but ideas from other people, too…..ideas that I find especially insightful or helpful. There are so many good ideas that I’ve received or studied … I thought that it might be helpful for others to share in reading them too.


This blog also includes ideas from a number of people…
other monks
historical people of wisdom
authors of books Kathy has read
contemporary people with helpful ideas
and people who leave insightful comments on this blog…
the blog  has expanded
to be an exchange of helpful ideas among friends…
new friends and old…
all are welcome…


I sincerely hope that the ideas in this blog
may help all of us,
as we  live and learn and travel
whatever path we  might choose.


Kathy has another website/blog: Pocket Perspectives,
a site with many similar ideas,
all about living life and learning to expand or shift
in how we look at life, situations, interactions, thoughts and feelings……
but presented in a different manner…

And….I suppose since I added  photos of Jampa…I can add some of me….


Hiking in Glacier National Park, a wonderful spot…
This photo was taken soon after seeing a grizzly bear along the trail…
Peter and Julie paused and were fascinated by the bear…
we think it might have been slightly injured
and therefore not running away
Kathy was a bit more timid and kept going…
??? “out of sight, out of mind”  ???


Kathy’s husband and daughter are also good friends with Jampa….
and have also learned
and continue to learn
so much from and with him…
(as maybe you can see from Peter’s face…he’s NOT a worrier )

Hiking on the way to Greeley Pond,
the beautiful, quiet little pond
with the reflections on it…
the photo in the Reflections banner


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