Sharing encouraging ideas….

Sets of Cards: 4/page

Please click on links in this tab to view the  sets of cards.

I print these “card set” pages out on 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper, and then cut them into the 4 cards. I keep the cards handy… to refer to and to remind myself to try to include the ideas in how I “approach” life. I’ve been reviewing the cards for a few months…and, for me, the ideas on the cards are a  big help…


“Reflections From a Friend”
is a site where a variety of positive and helpful ideas are offered and exchanged…
….among all who pause here….
everyone is  welcome and interchange is encouraged…
please feel welcome

Note: Please feel free to print out and reflect on any of the cards on this site….they are here to be happily and freely shared. Someone thought they were being sold…no, they’re free…  : )

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